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ZStack CMP

ZStack CMP provides full lifecycle management that covers multi-cloud resource access, provisioning, use, planning, service delivery, application deployment, O&M, resource billing, and resource recycling.

Professional Multi-Cloud Management Platform

Unified Management

Multi-cloud access
Resource pooling and quota management
Resource lifecycle management

Fine-Grained Operations

Multi-level VDC matches the organizational structure
Custom cloud service approval process
Graphical presentation of cost analysis


Encapsulates service templates on demand
Deploys complex cloud services quickly
Applies for self-services on demand

Intelligent O&M

Collects data of different types centrally
Monitors the platform status in real-time
Supports trend analysis and capacity planning


Multi-Cloud Access

Deeply integrated with ZStack Cloud and VMware, ZStack CMP centrally manages mainstream public and private clouds such as Alibaba Cloud, Huawei Public Cloud, eCloud, China Mobile Cloud, Huawei Cloud Stack, and Huawei Cloud Stack Online.

Zstack CMP
Zstack CMP

Full-Stack Resource Management

Supports resource pooling and quota management, and allows enterprises to apply for applications on demand in a compliant manner based on service template design, service catalog, and approval process management. The policy-based auto deployment also optimizes the delivery process.

Intelligent Monitoring and O&M

Provides a customized, visualized, and dynamic dashboard, and supports the geographic location view of edge compute nodes.

Zstack performance
Zstack monthly cost

Multi-dimensional Operational Support

Provides multi-dimensional analysis, graphical display, trend comparison, and budget setting based on the usage of private and public cloud resources, which effectively reduces the cloud costs. The multi-level VDC, role-based access control, and custom operation approval process further enhance the hybrid cloud-based operation capabilities.

Easy-to-Use Dashboard

Allows users to centrally manage multiple sets of ZStack Cloud across regions, display one or more dashboards as needed, and view the TOP N resources, resource overview, load statistics, and usage statistics.

Zstack Cloud Real-time Monitoring

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