Why Get a UPS?

UPS will give you continuous power when there is a power interruption. It will give you ample time to save 
and shutdown your computer to prevent data loss & system crash.

Phoenix Line Interactive UPS Valiant

Line-interactive UPS

Providing surge protection and battery back-up, but with the addition of a multi-tap variable-voltage autotransformer, or what we commonly known as AVR.

Phoenix Online Interactive UPS

On-line UPS

The highest level of UPS protection. On-line units take the incoming voltage (AC), rectify it (AC-DC) and down convert it to the battery voltage (DC) of the UPS, filter it, re-invert it (DC-AC) and up-convert it to the appropriate output voltage for the unit. The output voltage is always rock steady and the sine wave is always pure.

Phoenix Stavol AVR

Phoenix Stavol AVR

Phoenix Stavol AVR are built with high quality materials, 100% full copper windings with true rated capacitywave is always pure.