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Available Positions:

Main Branch

• General Accounting Manager
• Accounting Assistant
  Billing, Credit, and Collection Assistant
• Product Assistant
• Import/Export Assistant
• Logistics Assistant (Cubao)
• Purchasing Assistant
• Digital Marketing Assistant
• Telemarketing Assistant
• Events and Leasing Administrator

• Technical Support Engineer
(Citrix, Huawei, NetApp, McAfee, Veritas, CCTV/Biometrics, Cybersecurity, UPS/Scanner/Printers)

• Pre-Sales Engineer
(HP Servers/Storage)

• Account Executive
(Addasound, Polycom, Microsoft, NComputing, CCTV/Biometrics, Cybersecurity, Veritas, Citrix)

• Product Specialist
(BMC, UPS/Scanner)


• Account Specialist
 (McAfee, HP Servers, Veritas)

• BCC Assistant
• Product Assistant

• Account Specialist 
(HP Servers, Jabra, Polycom, Microsoft)

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