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Alps paper offers a wide array of indoor media selections from plain papers, coated papers, tracing papers, films, photo papers, and canvases. Each paper roll is carefully selected and undergoes several quality assurance tests using different printers.

Printers with digital blueprint feature are recommended (like HP DesignJet T730, T830, T2530, T3500 series and HP Pagewide Printers)





Alps Universal Bond Paper

Alps Universal Bond Paper is perfect for architectural, engineering, and manufacturing CAD whiteprints. At 80gsm, this is your ideal paper for presentations and everyday use. Each roll comes in individual box packaging to ensure optimal protection during storage and transportation.

Compatibility: Dye and pigment aqueous inks (inkjet), toner-based printer (laser)

Alps Bright White Paper

Alps Bright White Paper is suited for users who prefer a higher quality media for printing their everyday requirements. At 100gsm and whiteness level of 163, your printouts will be much more appealing to your audience. This is best used for CAD drawings, presentations, and poster announcements.

Compatibility: Dye and pigment aqueous inks (inkjet)

Alps Natural Tracing Paper

Alps Natural Tracing Paper is best for users who want to reproduce their layouts in blueprint. At 90gsm, you are assured that it will not crumple even with its “onion-skin” texture.

Compatibility: Dye and pigment aqueous inks (inkjet), toner-based printers (laser)

Alps Premium Matte Film

Alps Premium Matte Film is your best choice if you need to print and archive your layouts. It is tear-proof and waterproof so your prints will surely last for a very long time. We also added anti-curl features to our films for easier checking and viewing of your printouts.

Compatibility: Dye and pigment aqueous inks (inkjet)

Alps Coated Paper (Universal, Everyday, Premium)

Alps Coated Papers are available in 108gsm, 128gsm, and 180gsm. We use special coatings to get superb ink absorption and achieve wide color gamut in your printouts. Our coated paper has bright white characteristics which is great for indoor posters, maps, and orthophotos.

Compatibility: Dye and pigment aqueous inks (inkjet)

Alps Instant-dry Photo Paper (Universal & Premium)

Alps Photo Paper are available in 190gsm and 260gsm. Coatings are done in Matte, Glossy, and Satin finishes to suit any of your needs. With instant-dry features, our photo papers provides excellent uniformity and consistency in each of your printouts.

Compatibility: Dye and pigment aqueous inks (inkjet)

Alps Professional Matte Canvas

Alps Professional Matte Canvas is perfect for the artistic minds. Produce paint-like printouts with our Poly-cotton 380gsm canvas. Tear-proof and waterproof, these are perfect for wall displays and museums. This is definitely a must in the digital fine arts world.

Compatibility: Pigment aqueous inks (inkjet)

Alps Digital Blueprint Paper

Alps Digital Blueprint paper provides the look of a traditional analog blueprint printout without the hazardous smell. Print directly from your large format printer and produce clearer and sharper blue lines. 

Avoid the hazardous smell of ammonia by switching to digital blueprint. Get faster turnaround times and clearer printouts while doing everything at the comfort of your office.

Compatibility: Dye and pigment aqueous inks (inkjet), toner-based printer (laser)

Alps CAD Canister

Alps CAD Canister provides the optimum protection your large printouts need. It is made of waterproof plastic material, with an adjustable length that allows various paper large format paper sizes. 

Conveniently bring your large format printouts with peace of mind anywhere with the Alps CAD Canister.

Alps Matte Polypropylene Adhesive

Print, Stick & Stand Out!

Be seen.  Get noticed.  Make your posters and presentations come to life with Alps Matte Polypropylene Adhesive Sticker.

  • • 160gsm for easy board sticking
  • • Compatible with both dye & pigment inks
  • • Instant-dry coating
  • • Superb ink absorbency brings color to life
  • • Perfect for sticker on board presentations and retail posters

Alps Universal Artist Board

Show your design’s true colors with the Alps Universal Artist Board 220gsm. Create presentations with a matte-glossy finish that will surely impress! Perfect for students or business presentations and for everyday posters.

Compatibility: Dye and Pigment aqueous inks (inkjet)

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