Reimagine your
Business Through
Digital Transformation

Enadoc is an enterprise content
management (ECM) designed for small to
large enterprises that integrates with other
systems, offering document management,
workflow, search, and records
management capabilities.

Digital and E-signature

An e-signature is a digitized legal process to authenticate the signatory and certify the document’s security. Businesses all over the world are seeing the importance of e-signature. And HR, Sales, and legal must advance to the demands of a modern and mobile workplace to work efficiently even if their employees and clients are everywhere.

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Enterprise Content Management

Securely managing documents on the
cloud can reduce risk, improve
productivity, and enhance process
visibility, eliminating paper-based
tasks and exposing businesses to
privacy breaches, security risks, and

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Business Process Automation

Utilize a low-code workflow engine
to enhance collaboration,
streamline business processes,
and reduce costs by replacing
manual methods with automated

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Outsourced Scanning Services

A smart and less tedious option to
streamline your everyday work is to
outsource your document
digitization requirements to our safe
and practical on-site or off-site
scanning services.

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Private and on Premise ECM

Enadoc is a comprehensive enterprise content management system (ECM) that facilitates the storage and management of digital assets, including documents, images, videos, and other forms of media. The system encompasses document management, workflow, search, and records management functionalities, catering to the intricate content management needs of organizations ranging from small to large in size. Enadoc seamlessly integrates with other business systems and can be leveraged across multiple departments and locations, offering a centralized solution for all content management  needs.

Private and on Premise ECM

Flowdoh facilitates the management and definition of
specific processes for organizations. Upon workflow
configuration, the software can automatically progress tasks
through the process, utilizing a low-code workflow engine
from commencement to attainment.

Private and on Premise ECM

Our area of expertise is centered around the digitization of paper
documents through our outsourced scanning service. Our process
entails the physical scanning of paper-based records, including
business contracts, invoices, among others, and converting them into
digital formats, such as PDF or TIFF. We offer a completely
outsourced on or off-site scanning service to cater to your document
digitization requirements.

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