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Archive One is a document management system designed to help document administrators classify, store & secure for and retrieve essential company records. 

With its advanced search features, Archive One makes searching for all documents (old & new) fast and simple. 

Archive One is a centralized document repository that helps save time, reduce costs, improve operational efficiency and provides security for all physical electronic documents.

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Introducing Archive One 8!

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Practical Document Management

Archive One 8 is a document management system (DMS) designed to help document consumers classify, store / secure, search and retrieve essential company records. Archive One 8 lets you manage, secure and backup documents either in cloud server or an internal server where it will no longer consume precious physical office space.

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Custom reports may be created to help data mine a company’s archive. Users can create custom indices by document type.

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Document Integrity

Archive One 8 keeps document integrity intact as it retains the original document created and creates new versions for updates. Enable administrators to track users who have accessed the system and documents, allowing the company to monitor secure and confidential information.

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