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ZStack Cloud, adhering to the 4S standards (Simple, Strong, Smart, Scalable), provides you with powerful private cloud features and add-on services. Featuring lightweight deployment and open-source, the Cloud now supports diverse version planning to better meet your various business requirements.

ZStack Cloud 4.0 Is Here


ZStack Cloud Basic provides an easy-to-use enterprise-level virtualization platform to meet customers’ needs for unified management of virtualized resources.

Server Virtualization

Provides server virtualization, and centralized management and control for small and medium-sized enterprises.
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Simple and Efficient O&M

Manages and controls hardware and virtual resources in a one-stop manner, and provides easy-to-understand operations in a user-friendly UI.

One-click IT Transformation

Provides enterprises with a virtualization solution that reduces hardware costs and improves the operation and maintenance (O&M) efficiency.
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