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ZStack Ceph Enterprise

ZStack Ceph Enterprise is a distributed software-defined storage product with industry-leading performance, reliability, and manageability. It helps large enterprises and operators build tens of PB scale storage pool.

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Continuously, Linearly Increased High Performance

Performs in-depth code optimization at critical stages based on the industry-leading strong consistency hashing algorithm. This way, the performance grows linearly as the nodes increase, meeting the performance requirements in scenarios such as cold and hot data switching.

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Service Quality Assurance

Modifies the storage volume QoS in real time and dynamically allocates performance resources to cope with tidal scenarios.

Reliability Guarantee

Provides multiple levels of data protection for storage clusters, effectively ensuring the reliability and continuity of the storage system.

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Extensive Customer Application Interfaces

Supports multi-interface access and multipath I/O (MPIO). Multiple gateway services can achieve load balancing (LB) to ensure high availability of the system.

High Usability and Manageability

Provides rich visualized management features, considerate management process, web-based, visualized installation and expansion, and other features such as RESTful APIs, command lines, disk SMART information, capacity warning, historical monitoring, log, and alarm.

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Storage Acceleration Engine

Improves the system read performance by an acceleration engine with high performance and multi-level caches. Increases the system read/write performance in OLTP scenarios via the intelligent I/O coalescing algorithm and popular data analysis algorithm.

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