McAfee Device Control

McAfee Device Control Prevent unauthorized use of removable storage devices

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USB drives, MP3 players, CDs, DVDs, and other removable media, however useful, pose a real threat to your organization. Their small size and enormous storage capacity make it all too easy for confidential customer data and intellectual property to walk right out the front door and fall into the wrong hands—whether through loss or theft. How do you know who is storing what on which type of device? And even if the person or persons have permission to use the data, how can you be sure they are keeping it secure?

McAfee® Device Control protects critical data from leaving your company through removable media, such as USB drives, Apple iPods, Bluetooth devices, and recordable CDs and DVDs. It gives you the tools to monitor and control data transfers from all desktops and laptops—regardless of where users and confidential data go, even when they are not connected to the corporate network.

Key Advantages

  • Unrivaled data protection: Specify detailed hardware and content based filtering, monitoring, and blocking of confidential data on any removable storage device.
  • Comprehensive device management: Enable safe use of removable media devices—no need to “block all” and hinder work productivity.
  • McAfee ePO centralized management platform: Centrally deploy and manage security policy to prevent confidential data loss via removable media.
  • Complete visibility: Prove internal and regulatory compliance measures to auditors, board members, and other stakeholders.
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