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Adversaries maneuver in covert ways-camouflaging their action within the most trusted components already in your environment. They don’t always install something tangible like malware, but leave behind a behavioral trail. Endpoint detection and response (EDR) continuously monitors and gathers data to provide visibility and context needed to detect and respond to threats.

AI-guided threat investigation:

Reduce Alert Noise

-Reduce the time to detect and respond to threats. MVISION EDR helps security analysts quickly prioritize threats and minimize potential disruption.

Do More with Existing Resources

-Guided investigation automatically asks and answers questions while gather, summarizing, and visualizing evidence from multiple sources-reducing the need for more SOC resources.

Low-Maintenance Cloud Solution

Cloud-based deployment and analytics enables your skilled security analysts to focus on strategic defense, instead of tool maintenance. Benefit from implementing the right solution for you.

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