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If we’ve learned anything in 2020, it’s to expect the unexpected. And we quickly found out that both agility and resilience are critical to success in a disrupted world. At NetApp, we have been planning for all of this for some time — well, maybe not for everything 2020 has unleashed, but certainly for big, wholesale changes. We’ve been planning to land on our feet — and to make sure you do too. Think, landing like a cat. Or a ninja.

That’s why we’ve pulled it all together for you. Our Cloud Volumes platform is now available across all clouds — one single pane of glass that gives you easy access to and management of all your data, wherever it resides, on-premises anywhere or in any cloud, public or private. You need clarity and we are delivering. And we are providing more than just data storage, we are enabling data management. For the DevOps team and the Sys Admins we have created a consistent API across all clouds for all your Cloud Volume storage, data, and data management services.

It did not take a crystal ball to figure out that data is headed for the cloud. But we know you need it to be faster and applicable to both more users and more applications. And simpler.  Right now, it can be downright confusing. IDG’s June 2020 survey of cloud adoption found that over 60% of respondents reported running workloads and apps “all or mostly on-prem”. In this same survey, IDG found 59% of these firms plan to run apps and workloads “mostly or entirely in the cloud” within the next 18 months — a massive and rapid change. We know many of you have cloud-first mandates and that some of you are struggling to achieve them. Those of you with challenging, complex workloads, petabytes of data, legacy systems, and data in multiple places are tasked with challenges that go far beyond lift-and-shift. You are exactly who we had in mind with our latest announcement.

You need a solution that is up to the Herculean task of migrating decades of work, while also ensuring that your business keeps running day-to-day. You have enough complexity in your world without trying to detangle the intricate web of clouds. Let us help.

In a world of digital transformation, we know you are required to innovate faster than ever before. Now, you’ll gain best-of-breed infrastructure and out-of-the-box data and metadata services, connected with a consistent API. At the same time, we help to make all your enterprise applications run better.

At NetApp, we are like the Switzerland of cloud. We are working with ALL the cloud providers, so no matter where your data currently resides — or where it ends up — you can get all the benefits of our 28 years of experience in storage working for you. In the cloud. ANY cloud.

The NetApp Cloud Volumes platform is now available across all major cloud providers. We’ve released fully managed, native cloud volumes on Azure, Google Cloud, and AWS. Pick a cloud. Or two. Or build your own. Your approach to data should be the same no matter where your data resides. Your ability to work with data should be best-of-breed.

That’s where we come in. With true enterprise-grade data management in the cloud and on-prem, we can now deliver all the capabilities you love from ONTAP across multiple clouds and on-premises locations. Simultaneously.

Game-changing performance

Gain the confidence to move your enterprise apps to the cloud with security, protection, and game-changing performance:

  • a single platform that supports hundreds of petabytes, more than doubling year-over- year
  • certified to work with the most demanding workloads, such as SAP HANA, on Azure and Google Cloud
  • unparalleled native cloud experience
  • massive opportunities for cost savings: with automation and cold data tiering (customers are reporting up to 70% cloud storage savings)
  • in use by some of the largest customers in the world
  • disaster recovery, backup, and tiering between your data center and public clouds


The Cloud Volumes platform is delivering much more than data storage. It allows you to optimize your data storage and performance, wherever your data resides, and adds data protection, security, and compliance. All from a simple web UI or automated with APIs.

  • backup and cloud sync — a seamless experience available with a web UI or automated with APIs
  • compliance — AI-driven, automatic data privacy controls driven by local regulations such as GDPR, CCPA
  • Virtual Desktop — get 20,000 desktops in 8 geographies in 50 minutes
  • Global File Cache — get the best of both worlds — consolidate and centralize your data in the cloud and allow teams to work with it as if it were local
  • compute optimization — with Spot by NetApp you get more cloud for less cost when we automate the optimization of compute resources on each cloud provider
  • application and data lifecycle management for Kubernetes

We will also continue to expand our services by investing in many new features across clouds, such as hybrid offerings like Anthos and Outposts.

The only constant is the constant state of change and evolution. We’re all in this together. At NetApp, we’ve got your back.

Get ahead of the curve with NetApp

Your team can apply all their existing skills, knowledge, and years of experience in this cloud paradigm. The cloud future is certain, and you can own it. We can help. At NetApp, we’ve got resources and expertise to share. We can make your life easier, help you look good, and ensure your digital transformation is smooth and painless. You’ve got this.

Ready to embrace your future? Get started.


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