TrueSight Cloud Cost Control

Control Multi-cloud cost

TrueSight Cloud Cost Control provides visibility and control over multi-cloud costs including AWS, Azure,
Google Cloud, and others.

Cost Control

Optimize resource usage and cost across the enterprise and in the cloud

  • Simulate migrations by selecting cloud resources and comparing costs to predict and manage cloud budgets
  • Gain visibility into current and forecasted spend to optimize mainframe and enterprise infrastructure, software, and services costs
  • Manage on-premises and cloud capacity to make the most of current and future resources

Optimize multi-cloud resources and costs

  • Track and manage cloud costs with visibility across multi-cloud infrastructure
  • Simulate migrations and deploy the right resources at the right cost
  • Eliminate wasted spend by right-sizing resources and terminating idle resources
  • Prevent budget overruns with insight to changes in spending
  • Maximize savings by effectively managing use of reserved instances