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TrueSight Automation for Servers

Secure, compliant, and automated server lifecycle management


TrueSight Automation for Servers

TrueSight Automation for Servers manages security vulnerabilities and provisions, configures, patches, and secures physical, virtual, and cloud servers.

Cross-platform server automation for better security, compliance, agility, and scalability

Get AIOps insight into infrastructure and applications for multi-cloud management

Compliance Management

Always be audit-ready whether on-premises or in the cloud

Drive greater compliance, security, and reliability through policy-based application of operational, security, and regulatory guidelines.

Security Operations (SecOps)

Visualize, prioritize, and remediate vulnerabilities

Quickly reduce the attack surface by automating patch, configuration, and change management to close vulnerabilities.

Patch Automation

Patch physical, virtual, and hybrid cloud servers

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