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Reduce service desk calls by 10% through integrated endpoint management


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BMC Helix Client Management optimizes your service management solution to provide comprehensive, automated endpoint management, delivering great service to end users while minimizing cost, maintaining compliance, and reducing security risk.

Accurately manage your technology assets

Effectively manage the full range of IT assets

Patch management secures endpoints from threats

With a centralized point of patch deployment for operating systems and applications, you can ensure that all systems are patched to help enforce security policies.

Gain insights for better decision-making with inventory management

Automated discovery and inventory reduces manual tasks, and provides valuable information to help you make informed decisions.

Define, monitor, and enforce policies based on licensing agreements and regulatory standards

With BMC Helix Client Management you can create compliance rules or import an SCAP template to check endpoint compliance and automate remediation. Manage license usage to ensure you are not exceeding licenses purchased.

Automatically deploy software, operating systems, and patches

Managing software deployment for a complex environment across thousands of endpoints with various permutations of software licenses is too much to handle manually. Automate the deployment of operating systems to bare metal hard drives. Install and update applications. Deploy and update operating systems to thousands of devices in inventory. BMC Helix Client Management offers:

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