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Spark Ventures delivers fast VOD and WiFi, delighting bandwidth hungry New Zealand digital consumers

Switzerland’s Barry Callebaut Group is the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality chocolate and cocoa products.

In the new digital world, enterprises are faced with the challenge of innovating quickly while supporting multi-cloud environments.

For the organization to be able to deliver consistent and efficient support across the decentralized business, they needed global processes and streamlined ways of working, while still accommodating localized practices that enable consumer-centric sales. 

Medical professionals worldwide use Boston Scientific Corporation’s stents, catheters, pacemakers, and other products to treat over 22 million patients a year. For products such as pacemakers and stents, the company has committed that orders received will be delivered by the next morning. 

With over 70 percent market share, Network International clears more than one million transactions daily and has transformed the payment service industry in the Gulf, Middle East, and North Africa.

Getting accurate data on time is critical for the bank’s many services as well as reporting requirements, including the reports that go out to various regulators such as the National Bank of Poland and the European Central Bank (ECB). 

Ensono (formerly Acxiom IT) operates IT infrastructures and supports mission-critical workloads for many of the world’s top enterprises. Effective monitoring of the IT infrastructure, which encompasses more than 68,000 mainframe MIPS, 10,000 servers, and 10 petabytes of storage, is critical to maintaining exceptional reliability and performance for customer systems as Ensono grows and expands its business.