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We’re entering a pivotal moment in the timeline of digital transformation.

There remains a divide between the digital haves and have-nots, and Forrester recently noted that 60% of CIOs and other executives that it surveyed said they were behind in their digital transformations. Nowhere is this fork-in-the-road moment more apparent than in how enterprise IT teams deliver and manage services, to employees and customers alike. Savvy firms recognize the value of integrating cognitive technologies like AI and automation into IT service management (ITSM). But many others are stuck with legacy ITSM and no clear path forward.

Forrester previously predicted that many firms would struggle with adopting new technologies like AI—and they were right. Now, says Forrester, companies have a clearer and more pragmatic sense of AI’s capabilities and how to utilize them. For IT service management, those capabilities are already abundantly clear. If enterprises wish to remain competitive, they must make the transition from traditional ITSM to Cognitive Service Management, sooner rather than later.

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