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Control-M Workflow Insights provides in-depth, intelligent business application and data workflow observability through dashboards and reports to help you continuously monitor and improve workflows supporting critical business services.


Application and data workflows are often very complicated, crossing operating systems, data platforms, and applications in hybrid environments. Meanwhile production environments and workflow changes are growing exponentially to support expanding business needs. With such rapid growth and frequent changes from IT Operations, Data Engineering, and AppDev teams, how can companies ensure workflows are healthy and optimized and that Service Level Agreements (SLA) are consistently met?


Control-M Workflow Insights helps IT teams reduce risk and improve business service performance by providing targeted analysis and enhanced visibility into real-time workflow behavior through built-in dashboards and reports. Users get in-depth insights into how workflow changes will impact the performance and delivery of business services. By exposing performance drifts, irregularities, and errors early, escalations are prevented, the time required to resolve issues is drastically reduced, and IT Operations spends less time addressing performance questions.

Control-M Workflow Insights provides insights-based dashboards to help you continuously monitor and improve workflows supporting critical business services.


Get in-depth insights on application and data workflows

  • Workflow observability: Increased
    confidence that SLAs are being met
    for Control-M users and IT leaders
  • Comprehensive control and
    management capabilities:
    Constant telemetry and intelligent
    analysis on executing application and
    data workflows and definition changes,
    including KPI tracking and real-time
    visibility into workflow errors and their
    impact on critical business services


Workflow Health:
Monitors the health of workflows and jobs. Provides insights into workflow stability over time.

Workflow Distribution:
Monitors workflows and job distributions in the system to ensure effective load balancing and agent utilization

Workflow Trends & Peak Volumes:
Explores historical peak usage volumes and the applications affecting those peaks.

Workflow Alerts:
Monitors various alert metrics, including jobs, applications, and hosts that generate the highest number of alerts, most common alert messages, and alert trends over time.

Workflow Definition Updates:
Provides insights on job and folder updates, including jobs or folders that were added, deleted, or modified, and which users made the changes.

Job Executions:
Monitors various job execution metrics, including average execution duration, monthly job executions, and executions by start or end time.

Optimization Insights:
Provides insights on job and workflow effciency to identify optimal areas for optimization that can reduce TCO and ineffciencies.

SLA Management Services:
Monitors the health of SLA management services and their stability over time. Provides insights on jobs with excess duration and start time delays affecting SLA services critical path completion.

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