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SketchUp Pro 2021 - 1 Year Subscription

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SRP: Php 18,500

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Terms and Conditions

1. SketchUp Pro offer valid until March 11, 2022.

2. Applicable only to

3. Use Promo Code upon check-out: SKETCHUP2022

4. Promo applies for NEW Subscribers of SketchUp Pro only and does not include SketchUp Studio, Higher Education or renewals.

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6. WSI management reserves the right and has full discretion to modify, terminate or otherwise. WSI’s decision is final on all matters relating this promo.

Work smarter, not harder in 2022 with SketchUp Pro

New and improved modeling tools

New and improved modeling tools

Lasso Select

Allows you to draw custom selection bounds without reorienting the camera.

SketchUp Stamp Tool

Tag Tool

Allows you to click entities or pre-selected entities to apply tags. With the Tag tool, you can speed up model organization by tagging objects directly in the modeling window.

SketchUp Freehand Tool

Free Hand

With smoother curve entities, you can create organically drawn lines and Follow Me extrusions with more natural variance. 

SketchUp Target Interference Lock

Tangent Inference Lock

Using the new tangent inference toggles for 2-Point and 3-Point Arc tools, you can now quickly specify and lock arc tangency from an existing edge or arc.

SketchUp Scene Search

Scene Search

If you generate architectural visualization outputs or construction documentation, you probably create a lot of different scenes to communicate the design details. This results in having to visually scan long Scene lists with coded names. 

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