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Until otherwise announced in the future, we will continue to offer SketchUp Pro classic licenses for sale side-by-side with our (new) SketchUp subscriptions.

Customers of SketchUp Pro subscription will be getting considerably more features and services in their bundle than users of our classic SketchUp Pro client application, making our subscription offering more attractive on a feature:feature comparison.

When a subscription end, users fall back to a SketchUp Free subscription level, losing access to any/all features or services they were entitled to under an active subscription but not (ultimately) losing access to their models or a basic experience of being able to edit them.

Yes, at the end of your non-renewed subscription, you will only be able to use our free products and services. If you had a SketchUp Pro or higher subscription you will no longer be able to use the SketchUp Pro desktop applications nor will you have access to Sefaira and associated project data.

If your SketchUp Shop (or higher) subscription expires you will no longer be able to use SketchUp for Web’s paid features, or use SketchUp Free for commercial purposes. Additionally, you will still be able to open models in the SketchUp Viewer for Mobile, but the paid (AR) functionality in the app will not be available.

You can still open and view any models that were previously created in SketchUp Pro through your web browser using SketchUp for Web (with a Free subscription). Also, you can still access models and files previously saved to Trimble Connect from Trimble Connect. If you have exceeded Connect’s 10 GB free storage quota, all your files will be set ‘read-only’ and your ability to save additional models from SketchUp Web will be constrained.

Extensions are not supported in SketchUp Free, so while your access to extensions you have downloaded (or perhaps purchased separately) will not be restricted, you will not be able to run the SketchUp Pro desktop client to use them.

LayOut will not run without an active subscription, and so users will be unable to load their LayOut drawings for either viewing or editing when their subscription ends. Users should be reminded to save pdf versions while they still can or save down to an older version which they own a perpetual license for. LayOut docs saved to Trimble Connect will still be available for download, etc. (see “Will any data be deleted at the end of a subscription?” below).

​Users retain full control over any models shared on 3D Warehouse and can modify them freely from any/all accounts (SketchUp Free/Shop/Pro/Studio).

No. All data stored on Trimble Connect will be retained at the end of subscription. Users with expired subscriptions will fall back to the free Trimble Connect subscription level, retaining complete access to up to 10GB of stored data. If users have used more than 10GB; additional data will be set ‘read-only’ and the user will be prevented from storing anything new.

We’ll continue to provide high quality, low cost, and easily accessible tools that empower students to develop skills they’ll need in their career. SketchUp Studio for Students will include the full product portfolio. SketchUp Studio for Educators will have a price compared to the term license.

We will continue to offer SketchUp Pro classic licenses upon request through 2019. By 2020, all student and educator licenses fulfilled through partners and direct will be SketchUp Studio.

For now, higher education institutions are encouraged to continue with our existing programs: Institutional Laptop License (enterprise license for Universities) and Networked Lab Licenses.

For now, non-profit organizations are encouraged to continue with our existing programs.

Data Questions

We recognize that not all users are comfortable with the idea of storing their personal data in the cloud. We believe that customer sentiments will continue to evolve as it becomes clear that cloud storage is both more secure and more reliable than local storage. We are committed to being responsible stewards of the data that our customers share with us.

We are logging more data than we have in the past but only because we want to be better about understanding what we need to do to improve your experience. For example, we are capturing information about how many files you have exported so we can tell which export formats we should be paying the most development attention to improving.

We are compliant with GDPR and will continue to provide the right to ‘be forgotten’ if that is what you want. Understand, however, that a certain amount of personally identifiable data must be retained by us to provide even the most basic of online services. For example, If you request to have all of your user data deleted, this will include the deletion of the user’s TID, license and subscription data. This will render any purchased products inoperable. The deletion is permanent and refunds will not be issued for products affected by the data.

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