Reduce manual work with self-healing technology

The self-healing IT feature automatically repairs corrupted files and reinstalls missing software caused by user error, application conflicts, or security vulnerabilities.

Patch management software benefits

60% of major data breaches are attributed to unpatched system vulnerabilities.
Protect your organizational and personnel data with the cross-platform tool.


Keep important software, like antivirus agents, functional and accessible to their users.


Save IT department’s time and resources with automatic software repairs.


Protect systems from security vulnerabilities with Patch Management.


Increase productivity of your IT department

Vulnerability management

Effortlessly obtain the necessary insights, context, and tools to minimize the risk posed by software vulnerabilities on your devices. Gain valuable information and remediation capabilities, ensuring the security of your systems.

Assess the integrity of applications

With our patented self-healing technology, you can set customized intervals to check application integrity and automatically repair or reinstall software that is missing, corrupted, or modified.


Prevent security breaches

A well-managed device leveraging selfhealing technology, patch management and security best practices with proper security configurations will minimize security risks in your organization.

Auto-resume installations

FileWave Booster technology ensures that applications are installed even on highly distributed networks, or unreliable connections while keeping your user’s work uninterrupted.

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