Effortless remote user support

Assist your users in resolving technical issues swiftly and safely, no matter if they are at an office or working from home. With remote support features, mastering home office or eLearning has never been easier!

Stay connected to your users, no matter where they are

60% of major data breaches are attributed to unpatched system vulnerabilities.
Protect your organizational and personnel data with the cross-platform tool.


Nobody likes to wait on lengthy support times. IT teams rely on FileWave to reduce time spent on resolving issues.


Remote control, self-service kiosk, and configuration enforcement make resolution easier for both end users and IT support members.


All remote sessions are encrypted and comply with the latest security standards to guarantee secure remote sessions for your team. 


Reduce ticket resolution times with FileWave

Remote desktop

Connect remotely across networks and NAT configurations to walk users through difficult technical processes and offer training.

Deliver smooth onboarding experience for your users with FileWave’s customizable processes and effortless service features, including the powerful TeamViewer integration.

Automated software distribution

Ensure applications are properly installed even when interrupted by unstable connections or user behavior by setting customized intervals to automatically repair and reinstall apps.

Self-service Kiosk

Give users the freedom to install pre-approved apps and software from the self-service Kiosk. Avoid complications that stem from unmanaged, incompatible software installed by users.

Patch management

Avoid the downtime and negative outcomes that come with security breaches with a streamlined patching experience that targets OS and third-party applications.

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