Cross-platform support for your IT department

FileWave is a pioneering MDM and UEM platform with three decades of experience in leading the industry.
Learn what functionality and features make the FileWave solution unique.

Cross-platform support

FileWave offers support for multiple operating systems, including macOSiOSWindowsChrome OS, and Android devices.

It is an ideal solution for organizations with diverse IT environments enabling them to manage all endpoints from a single platform. 

Remote content and software distribution

Remotely distribute software and support your users to enable productivity worldwide. Control devices from anywhere, regardless of firewalls, NAT configurations, or other security settings. Implement needed fixes remotely, quickly, and easily.

Self-healing technology

Do not worry about users deleting system-crucial files anymore. Our automated self-healing technology takes care of repairing and reinstalling any software that has been removed, corrupted, or altered.

Booster technologies ensure that applications are installed even on highly distributed networks and unreliable connections.

Easy onboarding

Get started quickly and onboard your team in less than a week with FileWave’s intuitive interface and a range of automation tools to simplify complex tasks.

Drag and drop your applications obtained from the App and Play Stores directly to any destination to get started.

Dedicated customer support

Get assistance from our experts whenever you need to. We carefully listen to our customers and respond to any inquiries within hours.

We have three dedicated customer success teams that work day and night to make sure all our customers are working successfully — and efficiently!

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