The true cross-platform device management software

Enjoy the ease of mind with our platform-agnostic device management tool. We will help you manage macOS, iPadOS, iOS, tvOS, Windows, Android, and ChromeOS.

Manage your devices anytime, anywhere, no matter the platform


Remotely and instantly set up and configure devices for your remote and on-site users.


Push software to users’ devices or allow them to install pre-approved applications via software kiosk.

Security policies

Reduce the risk of privacy breaches by automatically pushing necessary security patches.


All best practices in one convenient tool

Zero-touch deployment

Enjoy hassle-free, automated configuration and deployment of devices without requiring any manual intervention from IT staff.

Easily streamline your provisioning process and prepare devices for deployment en masse.

Automated device management

Self-healing technology automatically detects and repairs corrupted software and applications.  

Save time on IT tickets by auto-resuming all packages that you deploy with FileWave.

Easy migration

FileWave makes it easy to migrate from other device management tools with content migration being an integral part of our onboarding.

We know that moving systems is never easy, but our dedicated Professional Services team helps you to ensure that your switch to FileWave goes smoothly for admins and users alike.

Effortless security

With end-to-end traffic encryption and two-factor authentication through IDP integration, rest assured that all your device management is handled securely.

And, with our remote wipe and reporting capabilities, you can always ensure your endpoints are effortlessly protected as well.

Intuitive data visualization

FileWave’s dashboards provide real-time visibility into your device fleet’s performance and security.  

You can easily monitor the status of all devices, analyze the device location, and identify security threats with customizable, intuitive dashboards.

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