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Make financial decisions with confidence.

Assess any entity’s security posture on demand and remediate potentially deal-altering cybersecurity issues so you can protect your investments, aid vendor selection, and avoid business interruption.

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Accelerate deal closures

Rate the cyber health of any entity on demand to accelerate the due diligence process, understand the target’s compliance posture, and address issues that can impact deal value or time to close.

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Manage portfolio risk

Gain a better understanding of the risk introduced by portfolio organizations. Detect critical issues in M&A transactions, private equity deals, credit underwriting, and financial sales and trading.

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Report to executives and boards

Quickly pull reports to present due diligence findings that are easily understood by executives, boards of directors, investors, and auditors.

Accelerate cyber due diligence to enable business while mitigating risk.

Continuously scan your digital footprint to keep up with emerging threats and vulnerabilities. With full visibility of all digital assets and devices connected to an organization’s networks, you can access advanced, up-to-date risk insights.


Tackle the most pressing areas of risk with automatically generated score improvement plans. SecurityScorecard prioritizes remediation activities so you can suggest risk mitigation strategies to your partners and portfolio organizations.


Understand your acquisition target’s security and its third-party risk management (TPRM) practices with an instant rating. We help you assess supply-chain risk so you can perform a more precise valuation during acquisitions and avoid taking on undue risk.

Use our co-branded and templated outreach emails to invite M&A targets for easy collaboration around important security issues. After accepting your invitation into the SecurityScorecard platform, they can access a tailored remediation plan to achieve a target score while you track their progress over time.

Meet mission-critical regulatory requirements by continuously monitoring your compliance posture. Map automated questionnaires and ratings findings to regulatory frameworks such as SOX.

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