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Discover vulnerabilities and manage cybersecurity risk across your entire enterprise ecosystem.

Ensure your ability to deliver. Understand the security implications of onboarding new vendors and applications, and gain real-time visibility of vulnerabilities across your attack surface.

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Continuously monitor your digital ecosystem

Gain comprehensive visibility of your organization’s digital footprint to identify the most pressing areas of cyber risk and avoid business interruption.

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Manage third-party risk

Leverage automated, scalable third-party risk management (TPRM) tools so you can monitor more organizations with your existing resources.

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Demonstrate compliance

Automatically track your compliance posture to minimize the risk of regulatory penalties and build trust among your customers and partners.

“When you consider the ability to not only continuously discover vulnerabilities but also track vendor security posture and prove your own cyber health, SecurityScorecard is like a marketplace clearinghouse for companies in the process of selecting or evaluating vendors and business partners.”

Chief Technology Officer
Gunderson Dettmer

Streamline and scale your security operations.

Understand the cyberhealth of target organizations to aid due diligence and remediate potentially deal-altering issues. SecurityScorecard ratings help detect critical issues in M&A transactions, private equity deals, credit underwriting, and financial sales and trading.

Scale enterprise cybersecurity team capabilities so they can scale their operations across expansive third-party networks. SecurityScorecard scans the global IP space daily so you can continuously rate the security posture of any entity within your vendor ecosystem.

Help executives and boards understand your organization’s exposure with a big-picture view of cyber and regulatory risk. With intuitive, easy-to-access reports, you can save time by eliminating the need to manually gather and curate security data for business leaders.

Showcase your compliance posture to other organizations that browse your Scorecard, and upload compliance evidence for easy storage, retrieval, and automated questionnaire completion. Whether you’re using SecurityScorecard Assessments as a vendor or a customer, you can easily view and manage documentation and track industry-specific certifications.

Get more out of your technology spend by accelerating communication and risk mitigation. Drive collaboration and improve response time with automated rule-based alerts and actions such as sending a Slack message or deploying a questionnaire response to a score drop.

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