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Support Material: Soluble

Available Colors: Olive Green, Dark Grey,
Flourescent Yellow, Ivory, Black, Blue, Red, Nectarine


  • Mechanically strong and stable over time.
  • Layer bonding is significantly stronger for a more durable part than ABS material from competitors.
  • Greater tensile, impact, and flexural strength than ABS.
  • Versatile Material: Good for form, fit and functional applications.

ABS -M30i

Support Material: Soluble

Available Colors: White


  • ABS-M30i is a biocompatible 3D printing material perfectly suited for medical, pharmaceutical and food-packaging engineers and designers to produce surgical planning models, tools and fixtures.


Support Material: PC-Breakaway

Available Colors: White, Translucent Natural


  • One of the strongest FDM thermoplastics and has a 63 percent higher tensile strength and 67 percent higher flexural strength than ABS-M30i, the other biocompatible FDM thermoplastic.
  • Commonly used in food and drug packaging and medical device manufacturing because of the
    material’s strength and medical compatibility

Nylon 12

Support Material: Soluble

Available Colors: Black


  • Good strength properties, resistance to moderate chemicals and high fatigue resistance.
  • Good choice for applications involving snap-fit closures, tools with press-fit inserts, components subject to high vibration and parts requiring threaded inserts.


Support Material: Ultem1010-Breakaway

Available Colors: Natural, Black


  • Offers the highest heat resistance, chemical resistance and tensile strength of any FDM thermoplastic and is ideal for aerospace andautomotive applications.

Makerbot Precision Tough

Support Material: N/A

Available Colors: Onyx Black, Stone White, Safety Orange, Slate Gray


  • With up to 2X the impact-strength of ABS and similar tensile and flexural strengthproperties, MakerBot Tough Material gives you high durability and toughness.

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