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Sophos Wireless

Easy to deploy and manage, so your wireless networks
are up and running in no time.

Our cloud-managed Wi-Fi provides the best AP support, scalability
and a single pane of glass via Sophos Central, plus all the features described below.

Synchronized Connectivity

Automatically control access for managed clients based upon their health status.

Threat Discovery

Threats on and to your Wi-Fi networks are instantly classified – for example, as rogue APs, spoofing attempts, or unknown devices.

Modular Management System

Manage Wireless on its own or alongside all your Sophos Central-managed security solutions.

Simple Deployment

Deploying access points is easy. We’ll guide you through three simple steps to create your
networks, register your access points, and set up one or more sites.

Plug your access point into your network to reach the internet

Find the S/N on the access point and wait for the LED to reach initialize state

Enter or upload your serial number(s), then click 'register'

Central Management

Sophos Wireless is easy to set up and deploy as part of
your Sophos Central portfolio of cloud-managed security solutions.

Sophos Wireless Dashboard
Wireless Network Security

Built For Performance

Our APX Series access points are custom-built to offer optimal performance and increased throughput at load. These models are enabled with Security Heartbeat™, offering integration with Sophos Mobile and Sophos Endpoint to protect your Wi-Fi networks.

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