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Xstream Protection

Sophos Firewall’s Xstream architecture protects your network from the latest threats while accelerating your important SaaS, SD-WAN, and cloud application traffic.

TLS 1.3 Decryption

Remove an enormous blind spot with intelligent TLS inspection that’s fast and effective, supporting the latest standards with extensive exceptions and point-and-click policy tools to make your job easy.

Deep Packet Inspection

Stop the latest ransomware and breaches with high-performance streaming deep packet inspection, including next-gen IPS, web protection, and app control, as well as deep learning and sandboxing powered by SophosLabs Intelix.

Application Acceleration

Accelerate your SaaS, SD-WAN, and cloud traffic such as VoIP, video, and other trusted applications automatically or via your own policies, putting them on the Xstream FastPath to optimize performance.

All the features you need,

and some you didn’t even know you needed.

Expose Hidden Risks

Superior visibility into risky activity, suspicious traffic, and advanced threats help you regain control of your networks.

Stop Unknown Threats

Powerful next-gen protection technologies like deep learning and intrusion prevention keep your organization secure.

Isolate Infected Systems

Automatic threat response instantly identifies and isolates compromised systems on your network to stop threats from spreading.

Visibility and Protection

Sophos Firewall offers the best protection to stop the latest hacks and attacks dead in their tracks – before they get on your network.

Deep Packet Inspection

The Xstream Deep-Packet Inspection (DPI) engine provides high-performance traffic scanning for IPS, AV, Web Protection, and App Control in a single streaming engine.

Encrypted Traffic

Xstream TLS Inspection 1.3 with industry-leading performance, visibility, policy tools, and built-in intelligence removes an enormous blind spot in your protection.

Zero-Day and ML Protection

Sophos Firewall leverages Sophos’ industry-leading machine learning technology (powered by SophosLabs Intelix) to instantly identify the latest ransomware and unknown threats before they get on your network

Cloud Sandbox

Sophos Zero-day Dynamic File Analysis uses next-gen cloud-sandbox technology powered by deep-learning and the best technology from Intercept X, to provide your organization with the best protection against zero-day threats like the latest ransomware and targeted attacks coming in through phishing, spam, or web downloads.

Web Protection

Sophos’ Web Protection engine is backed by SophosLabs and includes innovative technologies required to identify and block the latest web threats.

Synchronized Security

Our revolutionary Security Heartbeat links your Sophos managed endpoint with your firewall to share health and other valuable information enabling an automated and coordinated response to isolate threats and prevent lateral movement.

Networking and Access

Sophos Firewall offers the most complete portfolio of secure edge access solutions, VPN , SD-WAN, and core networking capabilities to fit any network.


Sophos Firewall integrates all the features you need to enable your SD-WAN connectivity, quality, security, and continuity goals.

Site-to-Site VPN

Sophos Firewall supports all standards-based VPN technologies as well as our own light-weight extremely robust layer 2 RED tunnels.

Remote Access VPN

Sophos Connect is a free VPN client for remote access that makes supporting a remote workforce easy.


A Sophos exclusive, SD-RED provide a unique and affordable secure edge access device for SD-Branch, SOHO, and industrial control solutions.

Wireless Controller

Every Sophos Firewall includes an integrated wireless controllers to enable easy secure wireless deployments for our APX wireless access points, all managed from a single console.


Sophos Firewall integrates with Sophos Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) to offer a secure and simple way for users to securely connect to important applications and data.

Core Networking

Sophos Firewall offers the most advanced enterprise-grade networking technology available for NAT, routing, and bridging. 


Flexible and powerful segmentation options via zones and VLANs provide ways to separate levels of trust on your network while enabling added protection against lateral movement between different parts of your network.

Management and Reporting

Sophos Central is your single-pane-of-glass for managing your entire cybersecurity portfolio. From endpoint, to mobile, to ZTNA, and of course, all your firewalls, no one offers this level of management integration and ease of use.

Sophos Central Management

Sophos Central provides powerful centralized management, reporting, and zero-touch deployment for all your XG Firewalls and other Sophos products from a single console.

Central Firewall Reporting

Central Firewall Reporting Advanced, provides flexible and powerful tools to create your own custom views of network activity and threats across your entire network.

Dashboard and alerts

Sophos Firewall’s carefully crafted control center analyzes extensive back-end data sources to surface just the information you need to respond quickly to changes in your network.

Free Reporting

Sophos Firewall is unique in providing extensive, free on-box reporting and limited cloud-based reporting at no extra charge.

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