Electronic Signature by OneSpan

Bring automation to your workflows with e-signatures to improve customer experience. Strengthen compliance and eliminate costs related to paper-based processes​ with OneSpan electronic signature

OneSpan Electronic Signature Benefits

Superior Experience

Put your brand front and center to optimize the signing experience and achieve higher completion rates than handwritten signature processes. Request signatures and get your digital documents signed anytime and anywhere including through an Android or iOS mobile device, online, call center, branch, and virtual channels.

Strong Identity Assurance​

Access a broad range of identity verification and authentication options to ensure signers are who they claim to be before providing access to documents. OneSpan Sign also supports certificate-based IDs issued by trusted authorities and partners.

Easy to Integrate

Quickly integrate e-signing and workflow capabilities into your app or website with our open API and fully supported SDKs. Free developer accounts ensure you can start integrating within minutes.

Advanced Security

Protect your users and electronic documents against fraud with digital signature encryption. Our solution also meets the world’s most rigorous cloud security standards and is verified by third-party auditors.

Enhanced Compliance

Verify the validity of the signed document with one-click verification and the most comprehensive audit trails in the market. The OneSpan Sign e‑signature solution is designed to meet simple, advanced and qualified e-signature legality requirements in countries that have enacted electronic signature legislation, such as the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA) and the ESIGN Act in the United States as well as eIDAS in the European Union.

Process Efficiency

Keep transactions completely digital, use contract templates, and apply workflow rules to streamline processes and eliminate risk associated with document errors, such as missing signatures and data.

Easily integrate electronic signatures

Embed e-signing functionality to your website, mobile app, and core systems using our open REST API and SDKs. Our API and SDKs include everything required to ensure rapid development and deployment such as support for common programming languages, complete documentation, sample code, common document formats like Microsoft Word documents or PDF documents, and more.

eSign anywhere, anytime​

Your brand will be front and center at every customer touchpoint of the signing process and in all your important documents. Our signature software lets you customize the UI, pop-ups, and email notifications to create a trusted experience to sign contracts while achieving the highest customer adoption and completion rates. Our signing experience is also optimized for online and mobile, as well as virtual channels, so your customers can truly eSign from anywhere, anytime, and on any device.


Strong identity assurance

How sure are you that you are conducting business with the correct individual in an e-signature transaction? OneSpan Sign provides a strong level of identity assurance in real-time, regardless whether the signatory is known or unknown to the organization. Customers can select from a suite of verification and authentication methods to match their use case, including government ID verification, biometric verification, SMS one-time passcodes (OTPs), shared secrets, knowledge-based authentication (KBA), certificate-based IDs, and more.


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