OneSpan Notary

Transform how your notaries and customers get agreements completed –  easily and securely in a trusted environment

Meet rising demand for the shift to digital notarization with OneSpan Notary

Today’s customers are pushing businesses into the Web3 world and increasingly looking to complete agreements – even notarizations – digitally. With over 1 billion documents notarized in the U.S. each year, there is an opportunity for organizations to accelerate digital transformation for notarization to meet rising customer expectations for digital processes. 

OneSpan Notary enables organizations to accommodate both in-person and remote online notarizations (RON). Notaries can verify the identity of signers using two-factor authentication, collect electronic signatures, and notarize agreements all in a secure and trusted environment. 

Put away the pen and rubber stamps to engage with customers digitally to get agreements notarized in a fast, convenient, and secure way. 

OneSpan Notary

Deliver a convenient and secure way to remotely notarize customer agreements in real-time

Secure Remote Online Notarization (RON)

Mitigate fraud and security risks targeted towards high-value transactions with strong identity proofing and bank-grade security

Capture Strong Electronic Evidence

Receive a recording alongside a unified audit trail that captures detailed events during the notarial session

Choose a Truly Integrated Solution

Streamline experiences to help notaries connect with customers and complete notarizations using an enterprise-grade, all-in-one solution

Make It Refreshingly Easy

Provide an easy experience for all users — from admins onboarding notaries to launching a RON session while signers effortlessly complete the process with guided workflows

Offer Convenience and Flexibility

Eliminate the hassles of meeting in-person by completing notarizations remotely in a trusted environment

Accelerate Digital Transformation

Lead the digital transformation charge and realize faster time-to-value by partnering with OneSpan. Get resources to quickly ramp up along with a reliable support team guiding your success

Get agreements notarized remotely in a secure and trusted environment

  • Wealth management: Estate planning, investment transfers, beneficiary changes, retirement distributions, trust openings
  • Auto finance: Car title transfers, lien releases, vehicle certificates of ownership
  • Insurance: Total loss claims, payment redirects, adjuster licensing
  • Legal: Affidavits, powers of attorney, deeds, commercial lease contracts, waivers

How It Works

Explore the easy 5-step remote online notarization process





Sign & Notarize

Provide security and trust at every step of the remote online notarization workflow

  • Traditional in-person notarizations are vulnerable to security threats and fraud. With identity theft and fraud continuously on the rise, scammers are targeting high-value transactions, such as property transfers, estate documents, and powers of attorney.

    OneSpan Notary assists with mitigating the risk of fraud compared to traditional notarizations by protecting notaries, signers, and underlying agreements with:

    • Strong identity proofing options like Identity Verification and Knowledge-based Authentication (KBA)  to positively identify signers
    • Access to an encrypted videoconferencing session to complete the notarization in real-time
    • Digital signatures applied after each signature to provide tamper-evident  documents
    • Built-in security controls with co-browsing that prevent participants from signing on behalf of each other
    • Access to completed agreements, audit trail, and recording after each remote online notarization session
    • Bank-grade security to secure notarized documents and data– in transit and at rest 

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