Mobile Security Suite

Optimize your customers’ mobile experience, protect your customers’ personal data, and reduce fraud with state-of-the-art authentication and mobile application security

Integrate mobile authentication, and mobile application security with our ready-to-use suite of SDKs

Mobile Authentication

Combine multiple authentication methods, including the latest behavioral and biometric authentication options, FIDO, push notification, Cronto and more.

Mobile App Security

Take action to protect your institution, apps, and users against complex mobile threats resulted from a growing number of data breaches

Customer Experience

Optimize user experience with transparent mobile app protection and the right amount of security at the right time


Fulfill strict regulatory requirements and prove due diligence to auditors

Streamlined Development

Reduce development cost and time-to-market with a complete set of developer tools

Trusted by over 60% of the world’s top 100 global banks

See how financial institutions use OneSpan’s Mobile Security Suite to deliver convenient and secure mobile offerings by integrating mobile app security, biometric authentication, and transaction signing into their Android and iOS apps.

Allow passwordless authentication to simplify and secure the mobile experience

Maintain trust without impacting the customer experience through sophisticated mobile app shielding technology, biometric and behavioral authentication, and the ability to step-up authentication only when necessary. 

The OneSpan Mobile Security Suite enables this through:

    • A wide array of authentication methods
    • Easy, safe roll-out for multiple users
    • Multi-channel authentication via the mobile device
    • Online and offline activation options
    • Invisible, always-on mobile app security

Combine multiple authentication methods via a consolidated framework

Mobile Security Suite allows you to deploy the perfect combination of authentication options for your customers, including:

Looking to strengthen the security of your enterprise with two factor authentication?

End-to-end mobile app security including communications, data storage, and the user interface

Deploy your app to untrusted environments with confidence. With mobile app shielding from OneSpan, your app can proactively defend itself against the most advanced mobile threats from cybercriminals, scams, and hackers. This includes protection against malicious apps found on Apple App Store and Google Play Store, which could possess, such threats as malware or security vulnerabilities that can be exploited. Additionally, your app will be protected against attacks such as, code injection, hooking, and reverse engineering.

The OneSpan Mobile Security Suite accomplishes endpoint security by:

  • Encrypting data in transit and at rest
  • Impeding reverse engineering
  • Detecting and stopping malware and spyware
  • Preventing tampering and debugging
  • Securing your app even on jailbroken, rooted, and potentially compromised devices

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