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Barebone small form factor - Build your own PC

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Industrial PCs: with a passive thermal cooling system, low power consumption and is approved for 24/7 operation.

Our runrate products are barebone but we also configure specs based on your specific requirements:

With tiny size of only 92 mm by 90 mm, the EN01 is one of the smallest full-featured PCs on the market for intelligent edge applications. Based on a range of Intel’s low-power Apollo Lake processor lineup, the EN01 is not only miniature but capable, durable, and AIoT-ready to serve as an intelligent platform for data-intensive applications. Areas of use include the industrial automation sector as well as the transportation and communications field.

The EN01 measures only 92 x 54 x 90 mm. The hardware and housing of EN01 are designed from the ground-up to minimize size and maximize capabilities, durability, and performance.

Powered by choice of Intel® Apollo Lake Atom™/ Pentium®/ Celeron® processors, the EN01 gives the option to deliver the best application performance at optimized cost.

*NVIDIA Jetson TX2 is also supported.

Despite its small body, the EN01 has rich IOs that allow seamless integration of applications, including 2x USB, 1x micro USB, HDMI, Giga LAN, and M.2 as well as Micro SD reader.

Networking is essential for AIoT. The EN01 features one Gigabit LAN port and one M.2 socket for a 4G/LTE module working in conjunction. An optional antenna kit (PLA01) also helps perform well in outdoor environments.

The EN01 features a rugged design that allows a wide range of temperatures from -20 to 60°C*, particularly suitable for industrial applications under harsh conditions.

*When equipped with Atom processor.

The EN01 includes both VESA and DIN rail mounting kit for flexible installation. It’s small enough to be mounted in nearly any AIoT scenario – in a cabinet, in a vehicle, inside a vending machine, or just mounted behind a display or on the wall.

With a passive thermal cooling design, the EN01 allows operation not only quiet but also low in energy use and virtually maintenance-free.

The EN01 supports optional Power over Ethernet function (PSE01/ PD01), which eliminates the need for a power adapter and effectively reduces the configuration cost.

The EN01 supports optional video capture function (MCAP01), which provides real-time monitoring and capturing with resolution up to FHD 1080p, suitable for surveillance and security applications of UAV/drone systems.

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All Shuttle products are sold with a Limited 3-year warranty.


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