Norm Li creates some of the best-looking
arch-viz renders for the real estate
development, architecture and design
industries. The viz firm shares its top tips.

Learn how the award-winning VFX
studio Digital Domain used V-Ray to
render an even better Thanos for Marvel’s
Avengers: Endgame — the highest-grossing
film of all time.

The esteemed CG student contest has
revealed its winners. Check out some of
the top V-Ray-rendered entries and learn
co-founder Alwyn Hunt’s secrets for success.

TILTPIXEL reveals how it visualized the modernization of a decades-old architectural structure to meet the demands of modern tenants, with V-Ray and Phoenix FD.

Ian Spriggs has created a 3D portrait
of Chaos Group’s CG Labs Director and
CG Garage host Chris Nichols — and we can’t believe our eyes. See the BTS shots.

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