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Build Effective Third-Party Risk Management Programs

Strengthen your cybersecurity posture and systematically reduce vendor risk with a powerful and highly functional TPRM program.

Partner with SecurityScorecard to mature your Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM) program.

Our subject matter experts will help elevate the effectiveness of your TPRM program by helping you gain executive-level buy-in, identify program gaps, and amplify your team’s impact on securing the overall vendor ecosystem.

We meet where you are on your journey to maturing your TPRM program. Together, we will strengthen your program and reduce risk across your vendor ecosystem.

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Discover Your Maturity Phase

Collaborate with SecurityScorecard subject matter experts, at no cost, on evaluating the maturity of your TPRM program to both drive and support your enterprise-wide strategic initiatives.

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TPRM Blueprint

Develop a Roadmap Blueprint

Assess your TPRM program and receive a clearly-defined roadmap with actionable next steps to mature your organization’s TPRM processes and

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Operational Alignment

Assess and Align People, Processes, and Technology

Evaluate your TPRM program to determine how to strategically realign your program, removing redundancy and reducing hard and soft costs.

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Vendor Workflow Management

Respond and Continuously Manage Third-Party Vendors

Assign a SecurityScorecard vendor risk resource to help identify critical vendors, execute questionnaires, track remediation, and report progress.

Response and Investigations

65% of attacks today happen due to the negligence of a third party.

Build a TPRM program that effectively fosters better vendor relationships and keeps a close eye on red flag risks. Gain instant and continuous visibility covering the entire ecosystem from your own organization to your third- and fourth- party vendors.

Feel confident that the right resources and technology are aligned to show ROI and improve program capabilities to support business goals.

Demonstrate compliance with regulatory requirements and offer documentation to support your responses to vendor questionnaires. Within SecurityScorecard Assessments, our machine learning suggests responses based on prior assessments, significantly reducing completion time.

Inform decision making

Clear and concise objectives of how the TPRM program supports the overall business goals of reducing cyber risk. Our automated reporting tools and Scorecards make it easy to pull the Ratings and Atlas Questionnaire data you need for security briefings.

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or have a problem that you’re not sure we can address, we’ll contact you with someone who can help.

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