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What is the SecurityScorecard Marketplace?

SecurityScorecard Marketplace is a one-stop shop that makes it simple to discover and deploy trusted partner solutions and pre-built integrations so you can optimize your security workflows, access even more security intelligence, and accelerate risk mitigation.


Channel Partners or Service Providers


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Digital risk intelligence

Expand your security intelligence from trusted partners for added visibility and a complete 360° view of risk.

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Workflow management

Integrate SecurityScorecard data with your current workflow processes to automate and resolve tickets efficiently.

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Third-party risk management

Streamline oversight and control over your entire vendor ecosystem with security ratings integrated into leading GRC and VRM solutions.

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Cyber insurance and modeling

Make smarter decisions faster and more accurately, whether you’re an organization looking for coverage or an insurance provider looking to make more informed decisions.

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Professional services

Augment your team’s capacity and resolve reported issues faster to ensure you get mitigation jobs done right.

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Business Intelligence

Gain insight into the corporate structure and other non-cyber risks that exist for your partners, suppliers, and customers from trusted data partners.

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