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Protect customer data and brand reputation.

Prevent the theft of personally identifiable information (PII) and meet PCI compliance requirements.

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Continuously monitor your digital footprint

Gain comprehensive visibility of the cloud and IoT environments that enable your business. SecurityScorecard continuously scans your digital footprint to help you mitigate the risk of data loss.

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Manage third-party risk

Rate the security posture of any entity on demand, build remediation plans, and monitor vendor performance over time to build sustainable partnerships.

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Maintain compliance

Show your customers that you’re following industry best practices to protect their data. With SecurityScorecard, you can automatically track adherence to current security mandates like PCI DSS.

Ensure continuity and customer data security.

Discover risk within the IoT and cloud ecosystems that support shipping, tracking, payment, and personalization in the retail industry. With our proprietary scanning engine, you can look up zero-days and CVEs in real-time, helping you remediate issues and mitigate data loss risks.

Manage compliance documentation from one centralized location so you can easily complete assessments and share evidence. With regulatory certifications displayed as badges on company Scorecards, both vendors and customers can easily verify adherence to retail industry regulations.

Leverage deep threat intelligence to protect your customers’ electronic payment information from malicious actors. Find out if you are among the “cardable” sites hackers pinpoint as hot spots for purchasing goods and services using stolen credit card information.

Understand how your company’s security posture stacks up against other retailers. Our easily accessible board-level insights help business leaders align security strategy with industry best practices to remain competitive, build consumer trust, and manage costs.

Verify the security and compliance posture of your suppliers and payment processors to mitigate the risk of sustaining a supply-chain attack. With SecurityScorecard, you can instantly rate the cyber health of any entity, and quickly vet prospective vendors and M&A targets without creating bottlenecks in the due diligence process.

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