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Regulatory Oversight

Prioritize cybersecurity reviews with continuous monitoring to identify who is most at risk.

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Prioritize cybersecurity reviews

Scan the global IP space daily to obtain a complete view of your digital ecosystem so you can identify changes that affect your security posture or likelihood of sustaining a breach.

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Support breach investigations

Obtain actionable intelligence you can leverage in the event of a breach. This is particularly useful for agencies that don’t receive direct feeds from IC and Law Enforcement

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Validate Industry Resilience

Use SecurityScorecard’s outside-in, independent analysis to validate regulatory compliance and improve sector-wide resilience.

Continuously monitor organizations and their security

Regulators can use our data to improve their own organization’s cyberhealth, including their service providers. Using a risk-based approach, regulators are able to quickly see where they should focus.

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Obtain a complete picture of your cyber risk exposure. Continuously Monitor third-parties’ cybersecurity postures. This provides daily visibility into the health of your cyber ecosystem. If anything seems unusual, you can send questionnaires and communicate with vendors using our internal communication platform (i.e. Atlas).

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Compare multiple companies’ scores over time. In that historic timeline, identify key events of interest (such as Malware, Ransomware, or a Breach). You can make risk-based procurement decisions as well as share the report link with co-workers.

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Help agency leaders understand your regulatory posture with intuitive high-level reporting.

Our automated reporting tools and Scorecards make it easy to pull the Ratings and Atlas Questionnaire data you need for security briefings.

Review the attributed assets of your agency, contractors, and regulated entities. You can easily see which parts of your digital security posture are becoming more likely to be breached (bottom movers). This will help you to identify high-risk assets such as vulnerabilities, unmanaged endpoints, and insecure web domains.

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