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Underwrite cyber insurance policies with confidence and protect your own risk profile.

Gain the visibility needed to protect sensitive customer data and meet industry regulatory requirements. Support the secure adoption of the software and applications that drive today’s top insurers.

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Mitigate enterprise cyber risk

Detect vulnerabilities within the cloud and IoT environments you rely on to access customer data and provide services to your policyholders. Prioritize remediation activities for the most impact.

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Manage third-party risk

Centralize, automate, and scale your third-party risk management (TPRM) activities so you can monitor more suppliers without commensurate increases in security staffing and spending.

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Maintain compliance

Automatically track compliance to minimize the risk of regulatory penalties as regulatory frameworks constantly evolve to keep pace with digitization. Build trust among investors and insureds.

“I appreciate the way SecurityScorecard brings together publicly available risk information and provides an initial risk analysis. The GUI interface makes it easy to drill deeper into areas of interest, and the historical trending allows you to materialize risk reduction. The ability to invite vendors to see their scorecard is a nice touch combined with allowing the customer to question, refute, or resolve any identified vulnerability.”

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Understand your security posture and support policy underwriting

Gain unprecedented visibility of your prospects’ security posture to make informed underwriting decisions. Recognized as the industry standard for insurance, our security ratings can help you reduce risk in your portfolio and grow your business with confidence.

Analyze risk across 10 groups of risk factors encompassing millions of unique data points. Our proprietary algorithms leverage threat intelligence to calculate an overall rating for your organization and for all entities in your ecosystem.

Reduce the risk of a supply-chain breach through effective third-party risk management. With unprecedented visibility, you can vet the security posture of every prospect, policyholder, and ecosystem partner in your portfolio.

Gain an instant rating, and leverage automated assessments to perform fast, reliable cyber due diligence. Rely on SecurityScorecard to discover and continuously monitor the security posture of M&A targets before and after you merge or acquire.

Give executives and boards a better understanding of your company’s security posture. With automatically generated high-level reports, you’ll be able to quickly pull the data you need to help business leaders align security strategy with business goals.

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