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Ensure consistent compliance with increasingly stringent regulations.

Continuously monitor expansive vendor and IoT ecosystems, safeguard patient health information, and remain in compliance with the healthcare industry’s evolving regulatory standards.

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Improve your cyberhealth

Detect vulnerabilities within cloud and IoT environments. With a comprehensive view of your IT infrastructure, you can quickly identify risk and prioritize remediation activities.

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Identify third-party risk

Centralize, automate, and scale your third-party risk management (TPRM) workflows so you can monitor more suppliers without commensurate increases in spending.

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Maintain compliance

Automatically track your compliance posture to minimize the risk of regulatory penalties, like HIPAA fines. Build trust among patients and partner organizations.

“SecurityScorecard delivers verifiable data that is far more relevant and reliable than the information we receive via subjective questionnaires.”

IT Director
Greenville Health System

Safeguard connected IoT devices and ePHI.

Give your security team the ability to monitor the SaaS providers and connected devices that make your digital ecosystem with access to timely threat intelligence. Within our Marketplace, we provide integrations with leading risk intelligence providers so you can gain deeper visibility of your attack surface.

Show key stakeholders that you’re following industry best practices to secure electronic protected health information (ePHI) and mitigate regulatory risk. Continuously track your compliance posture by mapping our findings to current healthcare security mandates such as HIPPA, HITECH, and PCI DSS.

Gain full visibility of vendor, cloud, and IoT ecosystems to avoid downtime. Older IOT/OT devices in hospitals can present an avenue for attack. SecurityScorecard scans the IP4 space daily so you can identify CVEs and zero-day exploits for rapid risk remediation to protect the security and availability of medical data and devices.

Simplify and streamline the exchange of healthcare compliance questionnaires. With SecurityScorecard Assessments, you can automatically deploy, validate, and track surveys, cutting time spent on the entire process by 83%.


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