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Instantly generate board-level security and compliance reports.

Since cyber risk affects the growth and sustainability of organizations, it has risen to become an executive-level discussion topic. Demonstrate to boards and business leaders the value of your security program with SecurityScorecard’s actionable data and reporting capabilities.

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Enhance business relationships

Improve communication, collaboration, and consensus-building with the board and senior executives.

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Lower cyber risk

Align investments in security with business goals and financial outcomes.

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Streamline reporting

Reduce the time and effort it takes to collect and analyze security data needed for board meetings.

The Problem

CISOs and executive boards are at odds with each other when discussing how to protect the business from cyber incidents

The Solution

A common language for describing cyber risk that leads to productive dialogue about improving the resilience of the business

Siloed views of risk

Every stakeholder has their own opinion about how cyber risk can impact the business, and that creates misaligned objectives

Shared understanding of risk

A single, holistic view of cyber risk is the basis for informing strategic business objectives

Checklist-based prioritization

Investments are determined by a simple “yes or no” adherence to security frameworks

ROI-based prioritization

The costs of investments are weighed against the return on investment they will deliver

Status reporting

Reporting is focused on what work has been completed and described in technical jargon that doesn’t resonate with the business

Impact reporting

Report on the value that security teams are providing to the organization in terms of business outcomes

Anecdotal compliance

Adherence to security mandates is delivered in static reports that quickly become old news

Proven compliance

Continuously tracked adherence to security mandates and immediate detection of gaps

Align with your board to strengthen your security

Deliver board report summaries that capture the current state of your company’s security posture, a breakdown of the top risk factors, and overview of your vendor risk.

Describe your company’s cyber risk in universally understood monetary values. Guide budget allocation by identifying the most financially meaningful threats and the remediation strategies that will have the greatest return on security investment.


Show how your security framework compares against industry peers and competitors. Drive engagement with your board by quickly and efficiently evaluating the security posture of several companies at a time.

Track any company’s security posture over time to understand its maturity and performance. Track your remediation activity against security scores and issue findings to determine your effectiveness in managing threats.

SecurityScorecard reveals issues that pertain to the specific checkpoints of security standards — including PCI, NIST, ISO, SIG, HIPAA, and GDPR.


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