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Digital Forensics

Through our recent acquisition of LIFARS, SecurityScorecard’s professional services empower your post-breach actions.

Digital forensics support legal proceedings and follow established guidelines.

In-depth root cause discovery will help us to understand a breach’s impact on your organization. We will extract Indicators of Compromise (IoCs) for subsequent monitoring, detection, and threat hunting.

We ensure the availability and guarantee the authenticity of data and information for law enforcement investigations. The evidence provided by our team is always admissible in court.

Our digital forensics experts have played a key role in a wide range of criminal cases involving a digital element. These include organized cybercrime, online money laundering schemes, cyberstalking, data breach litigation, digital extortion, ransomware hacking incidents, DDoS attacks, and more.

  • A critical component of many forensic cases is extracting information and data from mobile devices. We can answer questions about phone calls, various chat messages, images, videos, and hidden stored artifacts. Geolocation GPS and EXIF metadata stored on mobile devices can provide significant forensics value as well.

    Methods for collection and examination are constantly changing. Our New York-based computer forensics laboratory is an industry trendsetter in the methodologies used.

Advanced threat actors are using memory implants. This is malware that resides and lives only in the memory of digital systems. This tactic avoids leaving artifacts of compromise on the computer’s hard disk drive. Many nation-state attacks are leveraging memory malware and covert operations to avoid detection. Our New York laboratory has developed a unique proprietary methodology to discover memory implants.

Detecting malicious network traffic in intrusion detection systems and live network streams is very dependent on communication protocols. It involves decoding and extracting meaningful artifacts, metadata, and data. Network protocol forensics and automation of the process is done with MantOS, an operating system developed by the LIFARS team, which provides a comprehensive collection of proprietary and public domain tools.

The New York-based computer forensics laboratory developed methodologies to detect nation state attacks in real time through network communication IoCs. Additionally, artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms profile malicious network traffic.

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