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Quickly Identify, Investigate, and Contain Cyber Threats

A cyber incident disruption to your business is not a matter of if, but when. During a crisis, it’s crucial to have on-call access to intelligence, forensics, and response experts who can help you quickly triage the situation, stop further damage, offer communication guidance, investigate the source, and provide actionable post-incident reporting.

Partner with SecurityScorecard to mature your Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR) capabilities.

Leverage best practices to find and exterminate incidents, while digital forensics support legal proceedings and follow established guidelines.

Response and Investigations

Effectively manage your data breach response with a thorough examination of digital evidence and compromised systems for forensic artifacts of the threat actor’s actions and lateral movement. We also determine the scope of data exfiltration, including Social Security numbers, driver licenses, health records, and other sensitive data. Our team provides the expertise required to:

  • Stop additional data loss

  • Collect and preserve court admissible evidence

  • Perform digital forensics

  • Document and record the incident and the process

  • Assist law enforcement/regulators

  • Notify affected parties under your industry requirements

  • Fix vulnerabilities and implement measures to prevent further attacks

Plan ahead by ensuring you have the necessary expertise and 24/7 support required when a cyber incident hits. SecurityScorecard conducts a cyber readiness review to ensure both parties are ready to quickly take action.

To pursue legal action, it’s crucial to leverage a digital forensics team to diligently collect evidence and conduct a deep analysis to get to the bottom of the case.

SecurityScorecard’s digital forensics lab in New York City was established in collaboration with the FBI, Department of Homeland Security and US Secret Service. The lab can conduct analysis of advanced malware engineered by sophisticated state-sponsored attackers, reverse engineering, and sandbox testing services to analyze and dissect malware samples collected for incidents where keyloggers, ransomware programs, trojans, worms, botnets, command and control channels, are used by a threat actor.

SecurityScorecard’s Digital Forensics:

  • Court-Admissible Evidence

    • Ensure the availability and authenticity of data and information for law enforcement investigations. This process establishes a chain of custody and guarantees proper crime scene processing. The evidence provided by our team is always admissible in court.Ensure the availability and authenticity of data and information for law enforcement investigations. This process establishes a chain of custody and guarantees proper crime scene processing. The evidence provided by our team is always admissible in court.
  • Expert Witness

    • Our digital forensics experts have played a key role in a wide range of criminal cases involving a digital element, including organized cybercrime, online money laundering schemes, cyberstalking, data breach litigation, digital extortion, ransomware hacking incidents, DDoS attacks, and more.
  • Digital – Collecting and preserving artifacts gathered from compromised systems, recorded network communications, and digital evidence.

  • Mobile – Gathering information and data from mobile devices, which includes cell phone forensics, mobile device forensics, iPad forensics, and others. We also have expertise in capturing phone calls, various chat messages, images and video, and hidden stored artifacts. Geolocation GPS and EXIF metadata stored on mobile devices can provide significant forensics value.

  • Memory – Advanced threat actors use memory implants, which is a type of malware that resides and lives only in the memory of digital systems, to avoid leaving artifacts of compromise on the computer’s hard disk drive. Many nation-state attacks are leveraging memory malware and covert operations to avoid detection. Our Forensics Laboratory has developed a unique proprietary methodology to discover memory implants.

  • Network – Detecting malicious network traffic in intrusion detection systems and live network streams is dependent on communication protocols to decode and extract meaningful artifacts, metadata, and data. Network protocol forensics and automation of the process are done with MantOS, an operating system we developed, which provides a comprehensive collection of proprietary and public domain tools.


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Our unmatched experience spans decades of building best-in-class security practices and working on high profile cases, including over 150 ransomware cases in 2021.

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We provide actionable insights for our clients, intelligence agencies, and law enforcement thanks to our rich data lake and unique intellectual property that leverages rich intelligence combined with our PhD-led digital forensics team.

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Many of our senior level subject matter experts are military veterans and bring an innate ability to think ten steps ahead of attackers.

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