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Governments cannot defend what they cannot see.

Continuously monitor the security posture of your agency, contractors, and regulated entities. Speed up auditing and vulnerability analysis capabilities to protect critical systems with a collaborative and risk-based approach to regulatory oversight.

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Comprehensive visibility of IoT and cloud environments helps government agencies secure the connected devices that drive critical infrastructure.

SecurityScorecard helps public sector agencies access the security data they need to safeguard their digital footprints, even if they don’t have access to deeper cyber intelligence collected by other government entities.

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Supply Chain Risk Management

We’re here to help state and federal agencies mitigate vendor risk in order to protect important systems and data.

With automated, scalable, and integrated workflows, you can scale your third-party risk management and compliance operations across your entire supply chain and vendor ecosystem.

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Continuously Monitor Cyber Risk

SecurityScorecard’s ratings allow agencies and regulators to take a risk-based approach to their oversight, focusing on the weakest links and the biggest threats.

We scan the entire internet every day, giving federal, state, and local agencies dynamic, company-level views of the attack surface of critical infrastructure companies and regulated entities.

Safeguard critical systems and data.

Stay compliant with evolving regulations and government mandates. SecurityScorecard’s machine learning automatically maps to relevant security standards and regulations, including NIST-800-171, GDPR, NIST SP 800-53, NERC CIP, and ISO (or you can build a custom one). You can track adherence and set up alerts for potential compliance gaps.

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Obtain a complete picture of your cyber risk exposure. Continuously Monitor third-parties’ cybersecurity postures. This provides daily visibility into the health of your cyber ecosystem. If anything seems unusual, you can send questionnaires and communicate with vendors using our internal communication platform (i.e. Atlas).

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Gain daily visibility into the health of the cyber ecosystem. Continuously monitor the health of the entire sector. You can use security ratings to raise a sector’s cyber health. Expect a 24-48 hour turnaround of intel on cyber incidents.

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Help agency leaders understand your compliance posture with intuitive high-level reporting.

Our automated reporting tools and Scorecards make it easy to pull the Ratings and Atlas Questionnaire data you need for security briefings.

Compare multiple companies’ scores over time. In that historic timeline, identify key events of interest (such as Malware, Ransomware, or a Breach). You can make risk-based procurement decisions as well as share the report link with co-workers.

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