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Cyber Risk Reporting

The nature of cyber risk is complex. Security leaders need to put security into the context of business problems when presenting to stakeholders.

Our Cyber Risk Reporting Center enables you to easily interpret and share SecurityScorecard findings.

“I used to spend hours creating reports for board presentations. Now, with SecurityScorecard it takes me about three seconds to pull that same information.”

Nuno Teodoro
Former Chief Information Security Officer, Truphone


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Simplify cyber risk communication

Report on security posture using metrics that tie the impact of cyber risk to business goals.

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Create operational efficiencies

Reduce the time and effort spent on building reports with instantly generated, personalized reports.

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Gain actionable insights to manage cyber risk

Quickly determine issues that require immediate attention with recommended action items for remediation.

Available reports

Gain a cybersecurity health overview for your company and vendors.

Match companies’ scores and other cybersecurity health indicators.

Track cybersecurity performance and deficiencies in your company, a vendor, or a competitor.

Track cybersecurity health and risk in your vendor ecosystem and identify third parties who require mitigation actions.

Benchmark cybersecurity resilience of any organization against industry peers or organizations in your portfolio.

Identify organizations with specific security issues that need urgent attention.

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