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Quantify the financial impact of cyber risk

Cyber risk is no longer just an IT problem. Holistic conversations about the financial impact of cyber risk are needed to ensure the sustainability of the business.

Start using cyber risk quantification to drive risk management strategies.

Translate Cyber Risk into Financial Impact

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Learn about our approach

Quantifying the financial impact of cyber risk continuously and at scale is essential.

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Learn how quantifying cyber risk can lead to better business sustainability.

Cyber Risk Quantification Benefits

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Improve board reporting

Better communicate with executives on the basis of a financial language for cyber risk

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Optimize cybersecurity investments

Ensure return on security investment and align spending with broader business goals

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Prioritize onboarding requirements

Onboard critical vendors without significantly increasing your company’s potential financial impact from cyber risk

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Verify cyber insurance adequacy

Determine the necessary amount of insurance required to sufficiently cover cyber risk

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Inform due diligence decisions

Fully consider the potential costs of cyber risk within merger or acquisition decision making

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Enhance regulatory oversight

Examine the financial impact of cyber risk during the financial viability analysis of regulated entities

What Cyber Risk Quantification can do for you

Confirm whether ransomware, data breaches, denial of service or some other attack mode is your main concern.

Quantify the reduction in expected losses if issues like open ports, outdated websites, or weak endpoints are resolved.

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