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Gain Cyber Clarity With Tailored Threat Intelligence

Common cyber threats like phishing campaigns, data leaks, and domain impersonation, combined with reduced resources to deploy the necessary mitigative controls, pose immediate cyber and financial risks to your organization.

Delivered by SecurityScorecard’s STRIKE Threat Intelligence team, Cyber Risk Intelligence (CRI) combines expert-led human analysis with deep and dark intelligence sources to deliver customized and actionable reports to reduce an organization’s cyber risk exposure.

Custom, Actionable, & Board-Ready Reports

CRI arms cybersecurity teams with dual-purpose reports that include deep-dive threat intelligence for threat analysts plus an at-a-glance threat dashboard with highlights of critical findings and recommended mitigations designed for executives. CRI reports include tailored advice to help you illuminate, prioritize, and mitigate critical cyber threats.

Proactively illuminate your organization's cyber risk exposure and defend against cyber threats.

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Leaked Credentials

Compilation of 68+TB of leaked credentials exposed on the open and dark web

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Imposter Domains

Defend against phishing and watering-hole attacks by discovering imposter domains

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Hacker Chatter

Monitoring of threat-related dark web, social media, and ransomware mentions

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APT Reconnaissance

Netflow traffic monitoring for APT connections

Partner with Experts to STRIKE Back Against Cyber Threats

Make faster, more informed decisions to help you combat cyber attacks, even before threats emerge.

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Prevent Breaches

Proactively discover active and emerging threats before your organization faces them

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Multiply Your Threat Intel Team

Give your existing cyber intelligence team a boost by partnering with an elite squad of threat researchers

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Be Empowered

Uncover your organization’s cyber unknowns and reduce your cyber risk exposure

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Make Confident Decisions

Arm your threat intel teams with board-ready reports to proactively inform strategic decision makers and prioritize risk controls

“We’re extremely impressed with SecurityScorecard’s capabilities and our case wouldn’t be where it is today without CRI and the STRIKE team.”

U.S. Law Enforcement Agency

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