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Actionable data for cyber insurance

Access the real-time data and analytics you need to win in a dynamic cyber insurance market. SecurityScorecard helps brokers, insurers, and reinsurers work with stakeholders to identify risk-mitigation strategies.

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Make better decisions

Use objective data and predictive analytics to evaluate cyber exposure. This helps underwriters lower their loss ratios, while brokers can optimize premiums and coverage for their clients.

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Streamline workflows

Do business with cyber-risk stakeholders quickly and easily. By leveraging automation within a single platform, brokers, underwriters, and insureds can work together more productively.

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Satisfy your customers

Deliver value-add services to win and retain customers. With insights and tools designed to minimize losses, customers see an ROI that goes beyond a typical insurance policy.

Find the Right Testing Solution

Quickly perform real-time and historical cyber risk assessments with minimal info from the applicant.

Upload underwriting guidelines and cross reference them against objective outside-in findings.

Determine the risk mitigation strategies that will lead to the most reduction of an insured’s cyber risk.

Continuously monitor your policyholder’s security posture and automatically alert them of any issues that can reduce lead to a claim.

Offer free SecurityScorecard accounts to policyholders so they can self-monitor and resolve outstanding issues or subjectivities.

Educate insureds with co-branded or whitelabeled reports that summarize their cybersecurity posture.

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