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Continuous compliance monitoring

Continuously track adherence to current public and private sector security mandates, and detect potential compliance gaps.

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Avoid regulatory penalties

A lot can happen between periodic assessments. With continuously updated security ratings and questionnaire data, you can ensure that your organization doesn’t drift out of compliance between audits.

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Protect sensitive data

Gain comprehensive visibility of your digital footprint so you can identify and remediate vulnerabilities before your customers’ personal and financial data can be compromised.

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Qualify for business

Cybersecurity is no longer considered an IT cost center. Adhering to industry standards builds trust among customers, partners, and investors—and it helps you qualify for new business.

Track adherence to current security and compliance mandates in one platform.

Invite vendors to collaborate around key security and compliance issues with our co-branded outreach emails. After accepting your invitation to view their scorecard, they can access a detailed plan to address key issues, and you can track their progress.

Vendors and vendor risk managers can use the Evidence Locker to store compliance documentation and display certification badges for quick identification. This brings transparency, speed, and automation to the assessment process and helps you showcase your compliance posture.

  • Leverage SecurityScorecard Assessments to streamline the exchange of compliance questionnaires instead of manually exchanging emails and spreadsheets. We use machine learning to auto-populate survey responses and verify results with our Ratings findings, cutting the process by 83%.

  • Help executives and boards understand your company’s compliance posture and follow trends with intuitive high-level reporting. Our automated reporting tools allow you to quickly pull all of the security and compliance data you need for executive briefings.

  • Add context and enrich your data set by using our Marketplace to integrate with other GRC tools so you can turne those findings into actionable workflows. When an important event occurs, you can automatically deploy an Assessment, or send a notification in your preferred communication channels, such as Slack and Jira.

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