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Stay a Step Ahead with an Active Approach

Outthinking the adversary is essential in today’s world. Active testing determines the effectiveness of your security controls and enhances your ability to defend against cyber attacks.

Discover vulnerabilities that only human attackers can find with SecurityScorecard’s team of ethical hackers.

The key to any security program is understanding how your organization fares against skilled adversaries. By partnering with SecurityScorecard, we can help your organization identify any gaps in your attack surface defense, taking the power of knowledge out of the hands of your attackers and putting it back where it belongs – in your control.

Find the Right Testing Solution

Changes in your environment can open up paths for hackers to gain entry. A Penetration Test uses simulated cyber-attack strategies and tools designed to access or exploit your computer systems, networks, websites, and applications so you can see how any changes affect your security posture.

Practicing for a cyber incident is preparation that pays off in the long run. Through an Incident Response Tabletop Exercise, real-life incident scenarios help security teams and business leaders uncover gaps in their Incident Response (IR) plan and test the team’s ability to respond effectively and efficiently to an incident such as a ransomware attack, significantly improving your response in the event of an actual attack.

A Red Team exercise is the closest you can get to understanding how a hacker thinks and how they will attempt to gain entry into your environment. Experts use intelligence-led threat scenarios, techniques and methods of known malicious groups for a realistic simulation. Because your overall organization will be unaware that a simulated real-life cyber attack is coming, this provides one of the truest assessments of your security controls, including processes, people, technology, and physical security.

Active Security Drives Valuable Business Outcomes

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Validate Security Effectiveness

Testing validates your security controls, including whether your people, processes, and technology are working as expected, showing ROI on your security investment.

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Stronger Cyber Defenses

Performing regular tests is a proactive approach to exposing real-world risks of compromise that helps provide a clearly defined remediation roadmap.

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Achieve Compliance

Satisfy compliance with regulatory standards including PCI DSS, HIPAA, FINRA, SOC 2, and FFIEC, along with requirements from some cyber insurance needed to secure coverage.

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Gain Peace of Mind

Honest answers about how well your organization is able to withstand real-life cyber attacks help drive Board awareness and buy-in.

What Does Your Scorecard Tell You?

Scorecard Ratings are beneficial in helping you determine when to test your current environment due to changes, risk of vulnerabilities, or to test the effectiveness of your security controls. If you or your vendor’s score is below a C grade in the following domains, active security testing is recommended to determine the depth of exploits, including ransomware.

IP Reputation: Potential Brand Reputation Exposure

  • Real-time penetration test of all digital and public-facing assets to validate the severity of findings

  • Conduct an Incident Response Tabletop Exercise to bring together all key stakeholders to address potential exposure

Patching: Unpatched System Exposure Vulnerability

  • Real-time penetration test of server environment to validate the exposures surfaced in the Scorecard portal

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