Quantum Motion Design Studio

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Motion Design Studio Moves to StorNext for Next-Stage Growth

Swordfish customers include some of the most innovative companies on the globe, including Sony, Google, Dolby, and Salesforce.com, as well as traditional consumer product companies. Swordfish started out small but grew rapidly, putting a huge strain on its legacy storage resources.

“We had an [Apple] Mac Mini and some direct-attached storage,” explains founder and Executive Creative Director, Matt Silverman. “After a while, we found ourselves working on really big 4K projects, with lots of RED source footage, and a bigger team… we realized that we needed a much more robust solution.

“[Our projects] involve a lot of big, heavy 3D renders of 4K resolution content… On projects like that, the processors really bottleneck, and it might take us up to 3 hours to render a frame. So we needed really powerful performance, but we also needed a system sized for our business. And whatever we came up with also had to work with all the different applications that we were running—that includes Premiere, DaVinci, Maya, Cinema 4D, Houdini, [and] RV for playback.”

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